Buying a new home is becoming increasingly costly and complex, particularly for first home buyers, but the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) together with supporters Parke Lawyers and Bendigo Bank will help make the process simpler through a free Homebuyers Seminar.

With Victoria’s property industry growing strongly and house prices in many Melbourne suburbs increasing, many buyers are being forced to look more widely for the right home. This process is further complicated by a myriad of council and government rules and regulations as well as complex contract provisions to plough through.

These factors take away much of the thrill of home acquisition and force many potential first home buyers to face many years of costly rental with little hope of enjoying the lifestyle benefits of owning any home or apartment, let alone their ‘dream home’.

The free REIV Homebuyers Seminar at the State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston Street, Melbourne, on 19 April 2017, from 6pm to 8pm, will provide homebuyers with an opportunity to hear from experienced property professionals on how, and where, to purchase a home in the Melbourne market. It will be presented by REIV, with the support of Parke Lawyers whose property law team will demystify the contract of sale process, while Bendigo Bank professionals will present information about pre-approvals and home finance options.

Newly appointed REIV CEO Gil King says, “Owning a home is becoming more challenging in some areas of Melbourne but the seminar will help participants gain a greater understanding of the property market, the process of finding the right home for you, relevant laws and more.

“There are still areas which offer real affordability for new buyers and first-time investors. We will explore this in detail by looking at the profile of Victoria’s housing market and provide practical tips that homebuyers can use straight away.

“We believe the seminar will be an important step in making the biggest financial commitment most people face in their lives – home ownership – possible,” he says.

Expert presenters at the free seminar will cover a range of topics: including where and how to buy and outlining home finance and pre-approvals and simplifying the contract of sale.