I have been charged with a traffic offence. What does this mean?

Traffic or driving offences are criminal law charges arising from your use of a car or other motor vehicle. They are taken seriously by the courts, and if you are found guilty, financial penalties, sentences of imprisonment and orders preventing or restricting you from driving may be imposed. If you have been charged you should obtain legal advice and representation from experienced traffic lawyers.

Should I plead guilty or not?

This will depend on your situation and the charges brought against you. Your traffic lawyer can advise you on your case, assist you to develop a strategy and represent you in court.

Will I lose my licence?

In many cases, your licence may be suspended or you may be disqualified from driving if you are found guilty of a driving offence. Often the court has a discretion regarding whether to make orders affecting your licence, however some offences are subject to mandatory minimum periods of disqualification which limit the court’s discretion. We can provide advice and help to prepare and present your case in a way that will help defeat the charges or minimise the sentence, including any orders regarding your licence.

Do I need a lawyer to represent me for a traffic offence?

While you are allowed to represent yourself, it is highly recommended that you obtain legal representation to achieve the best possible outcome. If you need a lawyer contact us to assist you with your matter.

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