At Parke Lawyers we assist you with all your immigration needs, including important information for potential workers, as well as employers throughout Melbourne. If you want to work in Australia there are certain steps to follow and it’s a process that may be difficult to understand on your own. Our team of immigration lawyers in Melbourne can give you the legal advice you need, including how to apply for work visas and information on skilled occupations in Australia.

Working in Australia

As a potential skilled worker you need to apply for the correct visa type. If you have the skills that Australia needs, you can take a skills assessment that will shorten the process of obtaining a visa and improve your chances of obtaining employment.

Temporary Work Visa

This visa can last from one day up to four years. Sponsorship is required by your employer and you must have the skills that is necessary to perform the work.

Employer Nomination Scheme

This is a permanent arrangement and it requires a skills assessment by a relevant Australian authority and three years’ work experience. You also have to be younger than 50 years and speak fluent English.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa

This is also a permanent arrangement and you have to have a related Australian or overseas equivalent qualification. You have to be younger than 50 years and speak fluent English.

Australia’s general skilled migration stream (GSM) is ideal for people who are not nominated or sponsored by an employer, and are skilled for their work experience, are younger than 50 years old, and have English language skills.

You and your family can obtain temporary or permanent residency within Australia, and if you obtain a temporary residency you may convert it to a permanent one after a period of time living and working in Australia. This is why you should speak to your Australian immigration lawyer to explain your options.

For more information on immigration law, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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