When it comes to public sector employees they can have different employment conditions according to legislation. Public sector employees are employed at all levels of government. These employees can include firefighters, law enforcement officers, school employees, and many more.

Special Protection

The Public Service Commission acknowledges that public sector employees have certain rights, and they also address their employment grievances. The Public Service Commission exists in all States, with the aim of establishing a framework for public sector employees and enabling agencies to deliver responsive Government services to the community in an ethical and accountable manner.

Compared to private sector employees, public sector employees have comparatively greater protection in terms of their jobs. This protection can include:

  • Due Process: Many government employees have a constitutionally protected interest in not being terminated or disciplined without due process.
  • Discrimination: No discrimination against public sector employees because of gender, union activity or membership, or sexual orientation.
  • No Retaliation: The Government cannot retaliate against its employees for speaking out on matters of public concern beyond the scope of their job duties.
  • Equal Protection: The Government cannot treat similarly situated employees differently without a legitimate reason or in an arbitrary or contrary manner.

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