As Accredited Specialist Business and Commercial Lawyers in Melbourne, Parke Lawyers can assist in the resolution of all intellectual property (IP) disputes. We recommend obtaining legal advice from an intellectual property lawyer prior to registering and using your IP. This helps you to avoid preventable disputes and to protect your position if a dispute arises. Disputes often occur where there is accidental or deliberate infringement of IP rights or where a party has not taken all necessary steps to protect its IP rights. This can often be prevented by seeking legal advice early and consulting your IP lawyer when changing how you use your IP.

If a dispute does arise, Parke Lawyers can advise you on your position and assist in negotiating, mediating and (where necessary) litigating to protect your IP and minimise any liability.

Alternative dispute resolution

Using alternative dispute resolution may help resolve your dispute more quickly, and more affordably, than having to go to court. As a leading intellectual property law firm in Melbourne, we can help you with negotiation, mediation, conciliation, arbitration and IP specific dispute resolution processes appropriate to your circumstances.

If the matter cannot be resolved through appropriate dispute resolution processes, we also have the capability to conduct litigation to protect your IP rights via court proceedings.

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