What is intellectual property (IP)?

Intellectual property refers to intangible property in ideas, designs, inventions and proprietary knowledge. IP can take many different forms including a brand, design, invention or artistic creation, to name a few.

How can I use IP?

Once you create IP you should seek advice on any protection and registration options and monitor the market to ensure that there is no infringement of your IP rights. If your IP has been compromised, you can take legal action. Our intellectual property lawyers can assist you with advice and representation.

What are the types of intellectual property?

IP can include a patent, design, trade mark, copyright, trade secret, invention and other confidential information.

What is the benefit of IP rights for a business?

IP rights protect intellectual business assets. You have the right to protect your IP. For a business, IP may help you to maintain a competitive advantage, control market share, grow goodwill and be a highly valuable business asset. It can distinguish a business and may also be commercialised through licensing, sale and use in the provision of goods or services.

Someone is using my IP, what steps can I take?

There are several steps you can take, depending on the situation. These include:

  • seeking advice from an experienced intellectual property lawyer
  • having your lawyer issue written notice requiring the infringing party to cease and desist from further infringing your IP rights.
  • commencing negotiations or dispute resolution processes
  • commence court proceedings
  • in certain cases, considering referring the matter for investigation and prosecution of possible criminal conduct

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