At Parke Lawyers we are experienced in family law and can handle your divorce proceedings with absolute efficiency, providing practical knowledge and advice. Our team of dedicated family lawyers has extensive knowledge, empathy and expertise to assist to guide you through property settlement issues following a marriage breakdown.

Spousal Maintenance

After a separation, one of the main concerns clients have is how will financial support be handled. In situations where the spouse has no means of supporting themselves after the divorce, they may be entitled to receive spousal maintenance from their former partner. Spousal maintenance is financial support that is paid in circumstances where one party has the capacity to provide support to the other party who cannot support themselves.

Property Settlement

The team of family lawyers at Parke Lawyers provides expert advice and legal representation to clients in relation to all aspects of property settlement and division between parties following separation. When parties separate, one of the most challenging aspect is how their property will be divided. In some cases, the interests of third parties, such as family members can also be relevant.

With our guidance and legal representation, many Parke Lawyers clients achieve timely property settlements through mediation, thereby avoiding the expense and stress of court proceedings.  However, some cases cannot be settled. That is when you can benefit from our expertise in court.

When parties cannot agree to a property settlement and the matter does proceed to court, Parke Lawyers can provide expert representation throughout the court process, together with advice regarding the court’s approach to determining the division of property. Relevant factors may include:

  • assets of the parties at the commencement of the relationship
  • contributions of the parties throughout the relationship
  • future needs of the parties following separation
  • whether the property settlement is just and equitable between the parties

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