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Our expert will dispute lawyers provide strong, effective representation of clients at mediation’s to resolve disputes relating to contesting a will without the added expense of court hearings.  Of course, some claims ultimately need to be resolved in court, where we have a strong track record of success.

Will disputes have become quite common, particularly with the rise of do-­it-­yourself will kits and the changing nature of Australian families.  Our estate lawyers have vast experience in family provision applications, general claims against deceased estates and disputes over the validity of wills.

Parke Lawyers resolves more than 95% of cases before a court hearing.

If you have a close relative, friend or partner and have not been provided for in their will, you may have an entitlement to part of their estate.  Unfair wills can be challenged, and most cases settle at mediation, often with your legal costs paid by the estate.

What are grounds to contest a will?

There are a number of viable grounds for contesting a will in Victoria after a person dies.

  • The deceased was influenced by others when making the Will.
  • The deceased lacked the mental capacity to make a Will at the time of drafting.
  • The Will was forged by another person.
  • The claimant received less from the deceased’s estate than they feel they are entitled.

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