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If you have been appointed as an executor of a will, seek legal guidance as soon as possible after the will maker dies. It can be a traumatic and stressful time and difficult to deal with everything without guidance. That’s where deceased estate lawyers in Melbourne can be of great assistance.

One of the first tasks is to locate the original will.  Often the will is stored with a law firm or bank. It must be remembered that there is no obligation to use the services of the law firm at which the will was prepared or has been stored. The executor can request the will be released by providing identification together with the death certificate. Alternatively, the estate lawyers at Parke Lawyers can arrange to obtain the will on behalf of the executor.

It is important to seek early guidance from an experienced deceased estate lawyer about your role as an executor. Let Parke Lawyers guide you through the process and ensure your peace of mind.

The expert deceased estate lawyers at Parke Lawyers Melbourne have been recognised by Doyle’s Guide as amongst the best lawyers in Victoria in both Wills and Estates and in Estates Litigation.

Our expert estates lawyers will guide you every step of the way in estate administration. When required, we can arrange for one of our trusted partners to undertake:

  • clearing of rubbish
  • cleaning of the property
  • providing a comprehensive inventory
  • photographing and cataloguing of personal items
  • packing and relocation of assets
  • preparing the property for sale

In addition to helping the executor with those steps, we assist the executor to gather assets, apply for probate and ensure the estate is administered efficiently and in accordance with legal requirements.

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