Is your will outdated?

At a time of emotional distress and bereavement, having made proper arrangements concerning your estate is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your loved ones.  Don’t fall into the all-too-common trap of thinking you have plenty of time to arrange your affairs.  Act now and protect your estate during your lifetime as well as after it. Remember if you don’t have a will you don’t have a say!

Or perhaps you don’t have one at all.

You should have a current and valid will to guarantee that when you die your assets are distributed in the way you want.  Leaving a clear guide as to how you want your assets distributed by your chosen executors may avoid lengthy court battles over “who gets what”.  Dying intestate (without a will) means that there is no guarantee that your assets will be distributed as you would like them to be.

At Parke Lawyers our experienced team takes the stress out of making a will. The process is quick and easy and most of your queries can be answered on-the-spot.  Unlike the do-it-yourself will kits, making a will with Parke Lawyers also means there is no risk of your will being lost or destroyed.  We keep the original in safe deposit at no charge.  Making or altering your will is particularly important when life circumstances change.

We recommend you review your will every few years to ensure it still reflects your wishes.  For example, it may be necessary to change your will if any of the following occur:

  • marriage, divorce or separation
  • entering into a defacto relationship
  • birth of children or grandchildren
  • death of your executor or a beneficiary
  • change in your financial circumstances

We can help you by ensuring:

  • your will is valid, that is drawn up correctly and signed up and witnessed correctly
  • your wishes are clearly set out in your will
  • you have made adequate provision for your spouse and children, including who should be the legal guardian of your children

We will advise you on choosing an executor and on the possibilities of claims against your estate.

Testamentary Trusts

A testamentary trust is a trust established under a will which brings a number of benefits including the protection of beneficiaries and a flexible approach to allocating capital and income from the estate.

For information on making or changing your will or creating a testamentary trust contact us today.

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