Employee disputes and misconduct occur in every workplace. Often the allegations of bullying, harassment, discrimination, fraud or other misconduct are unpleasant, complex and very personal, bringing serious consequences for those involved. A workplace investigation can be necessary.

Many employers do not have the sophisticated resources required to conduct an impartial, efficient and timely investigation. To conduct a workplace investigation, a keen understanding is required of relevant procedures, privacy obligations, defamation law and safety and mental health issues.

Outsourcing an investigation to a law firm provides confidence the process is procedurally fair, impartial and ethical.

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How should you plan a workplace investigation?

Figuring out the truth when issues arise is crucial as an employer. Here are some important steps to consider if you need to undertake an investigation in your workplace.

  • Decide whether an investigation is warranted
  • If required, take action swiftly
  • Appoint an investigator
  • Plan the investigation
  • Conduct interviews with all relevant parties
  • Gather all evidence and evaluate thoroughly
  • Take necessary action based on the findings
  • Document the investigation and follow up if needed

The employment lawyers at Parke Lawyers have significant experience in conducting challenging workplace investigations and preparing reports that provide a way forward for employers. We also have access to appropriate partners, including forensic accountants, computer forensic investigators and private investigators.

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