The employment team at Parke Lawyers has the necessary skills and expertise to represent your interests when it comes to a dispute.  Workplace issues can become quite complex, which is why you need to have solid employment contracts for all your staff.

The legislative regime introduced by the government has directly affected all employers. We offer a full range of services, including advice regarding:

Executive Contracts

Contracts for executive staff earning $150,000 plus must comprise more than a simple letter of appointment.  Aside from the all-important probity checks, it is critical to ensure the terms are clear and are fully documented in the contract of employment. Whilst the high-income threshold of $148,700 operates as a limit to an employee’s eligibility to be protected from unfair dismissal under the Fair Work Act 2009, it does not prevent employee claims for breach of contract.

As experienced employment lawyers in Melbourne, we have extensive experience in preparing executive contracts for employers and reviewing proposed contracts for employees. Expert advice is critical for both parties to ensure respective rights and obligations are clearly defined and understood. That minimises the risks of costly litigation should the relationship not work out.

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