The team of estate litigation lawyers at Parke Lawyers, act for executors and beneficiaries in defending challenges to wills.  Our lawyers will explain your rights and obligations, the processes involved and help prepare the best strategy to preserve the estate and respect the wishes of the deceased.  Will disputes are becoming increasingly common so it is important that as an executor, you are prepared and well represented when a will is challenged.  If you are an executor of a will, you are responsible for following a formal legal process to ensure the instructions recorded in the will are carried out.

The laws which govern wills, trusts and estates are complex and differ across states and territories, so it is important that you have expert legal advice.

Defending a will can be a daunting process, where you are a beneficiary or an executor.  At Parke Lawyers our experienced estate lawyers have the knowledge and experience to guide you through all stages of litigation.  Our high success rate means that we help you to avoid the rigours and expense of court proceedings where possible.

For more information on a defending a will, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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