How can I protect my business from bad debtors?

The best advice is to prevent a situation in the first place. Ensure that each new transaction is subject to your terms of trade to help your clients or customers understand what is required of them and when payment is due. We can review and advise upon your terms, commercial agreements and processes to help you to protect your business from bad debtors.

Is there a minimum amount of debt that I can pursue?

No. Whether a debt is large enough to pursue is your commercial decision and we can assist whether the debt is of a large or small monetary value. We understand that in some cases there are also non-financial motivations for pursuing debts and successfully recovering even minor debts in a professional way can help you to establish that you expect customers to honour your terms of trade.

How old does the debt need to be for me to take action?

This depends on the terms of your agreement, but in short, if the debt is due and payable, you are entitled to payment. We can advise you on whether an amount is recoverable and of the various options available to you.

Is it expensive to go to court?

The cost of going to court will largely depend on the size of the debt involved, whether you engaged us early to enable an efficient process and on the extent to which a debtor defends the matter. We will always provide you with an estimate of your legal costs to enable you to make an informed decision on whether to commence court proceedings and consider alternatives to litigation.

Can you handle large debt collection cases?

Yes. We can assist with single debts in any amount. We can also conduct mass debt recovery programs and are equipped to print, envelope and send up to 20,000 letters of demand per day for large scale debt recovery programs.

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