If you are served with a search warrant, contact your criminal lawyer immediately for assistance and representation.  At Parke Lawyers we are experienced in criminal law and can offer you expert legal representation in the event police attend to execute a search warrant.

What is a search warrant?

A search warrant is a written order that is issued by a magistrate or judge and authorises police to enter and search your premises with the aim of seizing evidence believed to be connected to a criminal offence.  Police may enter and search your premises:

  • if you give permission
  • if they have a valid search warrant
  • in an emergency when a person is injured or about to be injured
  • on reasonable suspicion, they need to enter the premises to arrest or detain someone

How to respond to a search warrant

When you are served with a warrant, review it carefully and make sure the following information is clearly visible:

  • specific premises
  • date and time that police are permitted to enter your premises
  • specific items for which police are searching
  • alleged offence being investigated

Ensure you keep a copy of the warrant and any other details given to you and note the name of the police member who gave you the warrant.  Take note of when police attend, what they said to you and any items removed.

If police want to look at or take documents or electronic files which include communications with your lawyers, such as legal advice, tell police these items are subject to legal professional privilege and make a note of the person to whom you spoke.

At Parke Lawyers we know how to successfully represent clients who have been victims of illegal searches and we can provide you with the representation you need when you are arrested or implicated in a criminal offence.  As leading criminal lawyers in Melbourne, we will provide you with support and legal guidance you need to protect your rights.

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