The Conveyancing Process

Buying a house is one of the biggest moments of your life. It’s exciting, yet stressful.  Most people are not familiar with the conveyancing process and usually only become aware of the work done by property lawyers or conveyancers when asked by a real estate agent who’s doing the legal work.  Conveyancing is the process of transferring legal title of real estate from one person or entity to another.

Both parties, buyer and seller, should have their own independent lawyer or conveyancer. Whilst the conveyancing process can be done on a DIY basis, the risks can be extremely high and the consequences dire.  Most lawyers charge under $1,000 for conveyancing work on a typical home purchase or sale.  So, for a comparatively modest investment, you can have the work done by an expert.

The conveyancing process can be frustrating.  The long wait for documents by post, the unreturned phone calls, unexpected costs and the legal jargon, often adds unnecessary stress.  The property law experts at Parke Lawyers understand and strive to make the process simple.  They communicate in plain English and identify issues before they become problems.

Lawyer or Conveyancer?

In Victoria, consumers have a choice between lawyers and licensed conveyancers for conveyancing services. The key difference is the level of qualifications and training.  To obtain an unrestricted practising certificate as a lawyer, a person typically studies a four-year Bachelor of Laws degree at university, followed by a one-year Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice and two years of supervised legal practice. For registration as a conveyancer, a person typically completes a 12 month TAFE course, whilst obtaining 12 months of work experience.

Although conveyancers may typically charge a little less than lawyers for their services, they are not qualified to give legal advice.  Beware of engaging the services of a conveyancer operating without a properly staffed, professional office.  Conveyancing services offered in Australia vary dramatically, from the cheap and nasty (typically advertising a heavily-discounted fee, then adding extra costs during the process) right through to quality-assured, customer-focussed law firms, such as Parke Lawyers.

Most conveyancing transactions are completed without major problems, although some invariably end up in litigation before the courts.  That’s why it’s important to have a lawyer on your side – someone who’ll recognise a potential problem before it’s too late. An expert who knows the law.

When it comes to conveyancing in Melbourne, Parke Lawyers has a team of leading conveyancing experts who provides you with the legal support and guidance you need throughout the entire process.  As your conveyancing lawyers in Melbourne, we will prepare and lodge all legal documentation required, like the contract of sale and the memorandum of transfer.  We also conduct property research and ensure that the deposit money is put in a trust account. We advise you when the property is settled and represent your interest with a vendor or their agent.  If you are selling a property, we take care of all your legal documents and represent you in requests to the buyer.

Whether you are a first home buyer or a large­ scale property developer, Parke Lawyers has the knowledge you need in conveyancing in Melbourne and across Victoria and provides expert assistance and legal advice to our clients.  With thousands of successful transactions behind us, we can help you avoid costly and inconvenient mistakes.

For more information about conveyancing in Victoria, contact us.

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