What is a commercial litigation lawyer?
Commercial litigation lawyers undertake commercial disputes and litigation. At Parke Lawyers we have a team of experienced and specialist litigation lawyers who provide you with the support and guidance you need with all your litigation and dispute resolution needs.

How long does litigation take?
The duration of your litigation really depends on the issue at hand, as there are processes to follow. There are also various alternatives to litigation and ways to resolve disputes early. It depends on the situation, your chosen course of action and the desired outcome. At Parke Lawyers, we tailor our approach to suit your needs and objectives. We invite you to discuss all of your litigation needs with us for an estimate of costs and to develop your litigation strategy.

How do I resolve a dispute?
You can work with your commercial lawyer to represent you in negotiations, dispute resolution proceedings and in litigation. Your lawyer can also provide you with realistic legal advice as to your rights and liabilities.

What is alternative dispute resolution?
Alternative dispute resolution, also known as appropriate dispute resolution, refers to the use of methods such as arbitration, mediation and negotiation to resolve a dispute, without having to use litigation. These dispute resolution options can also be used before or alongside litigation.

What should I do if I am being sued?
As soon as you have been served with court documents, you should call your commercial litigation lawyer immediately. If this relates to your business, our team of expert and specialist commercial litigation lawyers in Melbourne can provide advice and provide you with representation.

We are looking for a mediator, can you help?
Yes. We provide the services of a nationally accredited mediator who is also an experienced litigation lawyer with the experience to mediate commercial and other disputes. We can also advise on choosing the right mediator for your dispute. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

For more information about our commercial litigation services, contact us to assist you with your matter .

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