Why do I need a corporate lawyer?
You need a corporate lawyer to protect your interests and assist you in drafting agreements and overseeing transactions. You can benefit by having an experienced business lawyer in Melbourne in the event of a dispute or litigation.

What types of cases does your law firm handle?
At Parke Lawyers we are highly experienced in business law and we provide a wide range of legal support to businesses, including small start­ups as well as large corporations.

What is the best corporate structure for my business?
This will depend on your needs. You want to create a business structure that minimises the risks and your tax exposure, while simultaneously protecting both you and your partner’s assets, if the business is in a partnership. It is important to work with an experienced corporate lawyer to determine which structure is best for your business.

What can a franchise lawyer do for me?
Franchising is quite heavily regulated and there are a lot of legal requirements to consider. A franchise lawyer can assist you to sell a franchise by helping you prepare all the documents and submitting these to the potential franchisees.

Parke Lawyers can assist you to buy a franchise by advising you on complex franchise documentation and work with the franchisor to secure the franchise. At Parke Lawyers we are experienced in franchising and can provide you with all the guidance you need throughout the process.

What is important when I want to buy a business?
Make sure that you are provided with a contract, and go through the financial statements in detail. Also remember to structure the payments of the total purchase price accordingly. If you are not sure how these payments should be structured for your specific purchase, contact us to talk to our expert legal team for assistance and helpful guidance.

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