Gaji Rajapakshe



P: 03 8699 4077

Gaji is a paralegal based at the Ringwood offices and is currently completing a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commence at Deakin University. 

Passionate about a wide range of legal issues, he has a strong interest in commercial and criminal matters. Encompassing his experience in sales and customer service, he seeks to champion client satisfaction by maximising effective communication skills. Whilst completing his law degree, he understands the importance of the practical application of knowledge, as such he continues to deliver for clients by effectively applying his theoretical knowledge to a range of legal issues. In further developing his legal career, he hopes to specialise in corporate law.

Gaji is a state-ranked debater and public speaker (former petitioned Victorian Member) being recognised by the Debaters’ Association of Victoria as the highest ranked (most points scoring) speaker in the region. Having been closely involved with the association for the past 8 years, where he finds time, he provides ad hoc services including adjudication and training for various secondary institutions. In the past he has coached 6 teams in both state and national competitions with his teams being recognised the top 1% state-wide.  

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