There are many potential pitfalls to be avoided when buying a home and utilising the services of professionals to guide you through the process not only makes a lot of sense but can save considerable amounts of money and unnecessary stress, according to Parke Lawyers.

Realising the dream of property ownership is complex, says Managing Director Jim Parke, and unless property law experts are engaged to negotiate you through the maze of contractual arrangements, it can turn into a nightmare.

A little money spent up front to engage a lawyer to review a contract of sale and other legal requirements is a wise investment. It not only provides peace of mind but can also save considerable expense if things go wrong.

Buying a home is an exciting but nervous time, particularly if it is a first home, and Mr Parke says most people are understandably preoccupied with finding a suitable home in the area in which they prefer to live and within a certain budget so that they can afford to pay off the mortgage within a reasonable period of time while not foregoing a comfortable, healthy and happy lifestyle.

The last matters they have time to worry about or can even start to comprehend are the legal requirements, but these are very important and need to be examined, assessed and explained by professionals.

“There is no room for complacency nor an ‘it’ll be right’ attitude when it comes to contracts of sale,” he says, “as these matters can prove the difference between living the home ownership dream or experiencing a costly unavoidable nightmare.

“The same goes for conveyancing, which is a must in the purchase of any home.”

Buying a home is the most important life investment decision most people make and it is vital that all aspects of the process are given appropriate attention to avoid mistakes.