Cyber fraud is on the surge as online usage becomes commonplace in the everyday transactions of individuals and small and large businesses.

Leading national boutique law firm Parke Lawyers has issued a warning that no one is immune from cyber-criminals, their convincing emails and phone calls, and their elaborate attempts to pocket cash and assets.

Parke Lawyers Managing Director and business law specialist Jim Parke says he is seeing cyber fraud and cyber-crimes increasing at an alarming rate.

For this reason, all Australians need to exercise extreme caution when dealing with emails or phone calls from people or organisations they don’t recognize.

If you have any concern, make sure you contact the organisation or business they purport to represent and double-check their credentials as well as the cause they are attempting to outline.

Be sure to use general, publicly available contact details you can obtain from an independent source, not a purported ‘direct’ telephone number or email address, which may be fake.

If you suspect you have been caught up in a cyber-crime, take appropriate steps with your financial institution immediately to cancel any payment you have made before it is too late.

Another important step is to contact your lawyer to determine what the best course of action to take,

As such, he said, it was important that the legal profession kept as up to date as possible with the ever-changing cyber-crime scene.

Some of the increasingly expert hackers are even purporting to represent professional firms and sending emails regarding matter types that clients may be involved in, such as property tra