Clients of Parke Lawyers are assured of security and confidentiality.  Our high levels of physical security, document security, document shredding and disposal, data protection and firewalls reduce risks experienced in many suburban legal practices.

Parke Lawyers has a strong desire to protect the privacy of its clients and the security and integrity of its records. Having implemented a best practice quality management system Parke Lawyers has also enhanced its information security, through implementation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) which complies with the ISO 27001 standard. The two standards complement each other and enable ongoing management efficiencies.

Parke Lawyers became ISO 27001 compliant in October 2010, making it the first law firm in Australia to attain certification to the highest level of data protection.

From the early stages, through the auditing process and following certification, the implementation had a far greater impact than anticipated. All employees are now fully aware of how to identify and assess threats, vulnerabilities and impacts. Importantly, as ISO 27001 is practical and flexible, business efficiency has improved without sacrifices to productivity.

Two main benefits were derived by Parke Lawyers in its journey toward certification to ISO 27001. The first is how the system ‘captures experience’ – by constantly documenting what works and what doesn’t and reassessing regularly, improvements continue to be made and mistakes are not be repeated.  The second is ‘corporate visibility’ – the systems in place ensure management is aware of the location of every file, has access to electronic versions and the ability to control access to every file.

That gives clients at Parke Lawyers peace of mind.  Client information is safeguarded.  Always.

ISO Accreditations

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