At Parke Lawyers, we believe that our clients are entitled to be fully informed of the cost of legal services both before and during our solicitor-client relationship. We recognise the cost of legal services is an important factor for clients and maintain a commitment to charging fees which are fair, competitive and satisfactory to our clients.

Clients are encouraged to raise any questions they may have about fees at any time. The fees we charge, and the way those fees are calculated, vary depending on the type and complexity of the matter we deal with on behalf of a client.

With some matters, we may be able to quote you a “fixed” fee before we begin work on your behalf. Fixed fees are common in property transactions and certain corporate and commercial transactions.

Many matters will be dealt with on a “fee for time” basis. You will be billed for the time the lawyer actually works on your file. Your lawyer will, prior to beginning work for you, inform you of both the hourly rate and give you an estimate of the cost to complete the matter.

Many of our small to medium-sized business clients prefer to enter into a retainer arrangement, receiving a fixed monthly invoice for the provision of services.

Any disbursements incurred on a file are usually charged in addition to the fee. Disbursements include expenses such as court filing fees, title search fees, bailiff’s fees, courier charges, Registry and Probate fees and all instances where we make a payment to a third party on your behalf. You will only pay what we pay to the third party. We do not “mark up” these costs. We will also charge you for the cost of telephone calls, faxes and photocopies. These charges will be reasonable and will be reviewed with you.

Parke Lawyers works closely with many other professionals and often will be able to assist in referring clients to:

>> lawyers practising in fields we do not;

>> forensic accountants;

>> actuaries;

>> human resources consultants;

>> real estate agents;

>> registered valuers; and

>> mortgage brokers.

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