Parke Lawyers brings together an experienced, understanding and effective family law team. Whether you are seeking advice about your relationship, a new relationship, children’s issues or financial issues, the expert family lawyers at Parke Lawyers can provide you with practical advice and strategies.  Family law has become increasingly complex and the expert family law team at Parke Lawyers make it their business to remain up to date with the latest case law and amendments to the Family Law Act 1975 and other relevant legislation.  At Parke Lawyers, that thorough knowledge of the law gives you direct access to individual and up-­to­-date advice on the full range of relevant issues.

Our team at Parke Lawyers has sound knowledge and experience, providing high quality advice and representation in all aspects of family law including separation and divorce, property settlements, parenting arrangements, child support and pre­nuptial agreements.  Our experience allows us to resolve almost all family law matters with a suitable agreement between both parties. In the event that an agreement is not possible, we provide you with expert representation in court.

With our ability to provide experienced advocates, our clients have the option of a more flexible and cost-effective approach to their family law proceedings. We represent our clients both in and out of court and reduce our reliance on the services of external barristers. Where clients choose to engage external counsel, our experience allows us to select the most suitable barristers to work efficiently and collaboratively with them to protect clients’ interests. Our flexibility to allow clients to avoid the cost of engaging both a solicitor and a barrister where only one lawyer is needed in the vast majority of matters, or to assemble a highly experienced legal team where clients elect to do so, sets Parke Lawyers apart from many other family law practices.

Our expert lawyers have extensive expertise in  child protection, commercial and general litigation, coronial, criminal law, employment law, regulatory and disciplinary proceedings which ensure that the approach taken in clients’ family law and intervention order matters take into account the broader personal and financial impacts of a family law case.

Parke Lawyers also has nationally accredited mediators who can assist clients to identify and create value in the resolution of their dispute and to take a well-informed and pragmatic approach to associated proceedings, such as disputes regarding evidence and or applications relating to the enforcement or contravention of court orders.

Divorce and Children

The breakdown of a relationship or marriage is a stressful and traumatic event.  If you decide to separate, you and your partner will need to make various important decisions about your children and property.  Practical, considered, legal advice is essential.  The team of dedicated family lawyers at Parke Lawyers understands that every dollar counts.  You will be given realistic estimates of likely costs at every stage of proceedings and the opportunity, if you wish, to engage us on a fixed-fee basis.

Our Melbourne family lawyers have vast experience in successfully conducting court cases in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, Family Court of Australia, State Supreme Courts and the High Court of Australia.  Parke Lawyers can advise, negotiate and, where necessary, represent you in court proceedings regarding:

  • divorce
  • parenting issues
  • child support ·
  • property settlement
  • spousal maintenance
  • pre­nuptial agreements and binding financial agreements
  • defacto property matters

Property Settlements

The team of family lawyers at Parke Lawyers provides expert advice and legal representation to clients in relation to all aspects of property settlement and division between parties following separation.  When parties separate, one of the most challenging aspect is how their property will be divided. In some cases, the interests of third parties, such as family members can also be relevant.

With our guidance and legal representation, many Parke Lawyers clients achieve timely property settlements through mediation, thereby avoiding the expense and stress of court proceedings.  However, some cases cannot be settled. That is when you can benefit from our expertise in court.

When parties cannot agree to a property settlement and the matter does proceed to court, Parke Lawyers can provide expert representation throughout the court process, together with advice regarding the court’s approach to determining the division of property. Relevant factors may include:

  • assets of the parties at the commencement of the relationship
  • contributions of the parties throughout the relationship
  • future needs of the parties following separation
  • whether the property settlement is just and equitable between the parties

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